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  1. Coil heater HSM1-K3
  2. Coil heater HSM1-K3

Coil heater HSM1-K3

Coil heater HSM1-K3

  1. Detailed information


1.The A class products of our company has the function of water proof.
2.The normal voltage is 230V, we can make the voltage as you need.
3.TC column wich K thermcouple, J means with J thermcouple, * means without thermcouple.
4.A class unit price made with import material, with stable Temperature, and a long period of use. B class unit price made with general material.
5.The normal cable length is 1000mm, also we can make the length as you need.
6.The leading wire type use fiberglass silicone copper wire, PTFE wrapped copper wire, and the others should be customized.
7.Sleeve types A class watch with A1、A2、A3, B class watch with B1、B2、B3, The normal is B3.
8.Thermcouple type:We manufacture according to the Chinese Industrial Standard(CIS), and we can manufacture as your vequirement.
9.Material:SS 304, Mgo, Heating coil.
10.Surface higheat temperature:750℃.
11.Diameter of the tube: ±0.1%.
12.Error of power(not heated):±﹢5%~~﹣10%.
13.Intensity of high votage:700V.
14.Insulation resistance(not heated):≥0.5MΩ.
15.Laekage current(not heated 253V):≤0.5MA.
16.Error of heating length ±5%, Error of cold zone ﹢0mm~~﹣10mm, Error of connection length ±2mm.


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