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    External cartridge heater HSM3-1 Φ5/8~Φ16

    External cartridge heater HSM3-1 Φ5/8"~Φ16

    1. Detailed information

    外接线单头管HSM3-1 Φ5/8

    Technical details(Φ5/8″、Φ16)
    Dianeter deviation range(L≤100mm)﹣0.05~﹣0.093
    Length deviation±1mm
    L≤300mm(the location of cold zone)bottom8mm~12mm
    Power requirementall of the specification in stock,and can customize the customer’s reqkirement
    Power deviation(not heating)±10%(≤100W)
    take the maximum between+5%~-10%(>100W)and ±10W
    extension cord power(standard)(non-standard need customizel)230V max.480V
    stability(at room temperature)1500V
    Leakage currentnot heating≤0.5mA
    heating state≤1/6*Lh*T(℃)*10-5
    Attached thermocouple J/Kmake as your raquirement
    external surface material/internal materialstainless stell/heating electric wire+mgo products
    Heating element operating temperaturemax.700℃
    Insulation resistance(not heating)≥10MΩ
    Insulation resistance(heating state)≥(10-0.015*T)/Lh*103
    cable typeThe fiberglass silicon outside,and internal copper can achieve 350℃
    Reference standardJB/T 2379-9

    Leading wire type

    Wire TypeFiberglass silicne copper wirePTFE wrappde copper wirePure PTFE copper wire
    Temperature tolerance350℃300℃200℃
    Adcantages and disadvantageadvantages:High temperature resistance good electrical conductivty moderate line type.colour type:red line in white backgroundadvantages:High temperature resistance good electrical conductivty moderate cost comventional line type.colour type:Orangeadvantages:Good Herible. disadvantages:Low temperature. Colour type:black white

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