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    Split cartridge heater HSM3-AB

    Split cartridge heater HSM3-AB

    1. Detailed information


    Split cartridge heater:it is the transformation of the ordinary heating element,and it folded by semicircular heating element,because it own expansion force closely with the mold hole after it folded,it have the merit of high density of the surface power,a longevity using time,high heating efficiency and so on,especially for the mold which need high temperature and a fast heating rate.

    Technical details(Φ6~Φ20)
    Dianeter deviation range﹣0.02~﹣0.06
    Length deviation±1mm
    Power requirementall of the specification in stock,and can customize the customer’s reqkirement
    Power deviation(not heating)±10%(≤100W)
    take the maximum between+5%~-10%(>100W)and ±10W
    extension cord power(standard)(non-standard need customizel)230V
    stability(at room temperature)
    Leakage currentnot heating≤0.5mA
    heating state≤1/6*Lh*T(℃)*10-5
    attached thermocouplemake as your raquirement
    external surface material/internal materialstainless stell/heating electric wire+mgo products
    Heating element operating temperaturemax.700℃
    Insulation resistance(not heating)≥10MΩ
    Insulation resistance(heating state)≥(10-0.015*T)/Lh*103
    cable typeThe fiberglass silicon outside,and internal copper can achieve 350℃
    Reference standardJB/T 2379-93

    Leading wire type

    Wire TypeFiberglass silicne copper wirePTFE wrappde copper wire
    Temperature tolerance350℃300℃
    Adcantages and disadvantageadvantages:High temperature resistance good electrical conductivty moderate line type.colour type:red line in white backgroundadvantages:High temperature resistance good electrical conductivty moderate cost comventional line type.colour type:Orange

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