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    Ship electricity partner tropics

    Ship electricity partner tropics

    1. Detailed information


    Heatle’s Ship electricity partner tropics  is mainly used in shipping, offshore drilling platform, pump body and such as a bad surrounding of explosive gases area.

    Technical details(Ship electricity partner tropics)
    constructionas drawing
    ambient air temperature﹣25℃~﹢55℃

    heat stabilityfrom 10℃ to 99℃ and circulates 300 times,with tropical heat to maintain in 90% above
    bend radiusMore than 6 times of electricity partner tropics
    insulation resistance≥50MΩ/Km
    electric current leakage≤0.5MA
    Use environmentMoist air,Salt mist,Oil mist and Mould
    Bearing capacityVibration and shock produced during normal operation of ship
    Voltage and frequency fluctuations﹢6~﹣10%(±5%)



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