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    Constant output electricity partner tropics

    Constant output electricity partner tropics

    1. Detailed information


    Constant power electricity partner tropics by alloy resistance wire is wound on two parallel cables,the distance of the wire weld vertex is the hot zone length of the electricity partner tropics.  This feature permits the hot zone length can be cut at random.When the temperature rised,the output power unchanged, so when install it can overlap with low starting current, this product used widely in common area, danger area, corrosion area.

    Technical details(Constant output electricity partner tropics)
    constructionas drawing
    temperature rangemaxmimun maintain temperature 150℃
    maxmimun surface temperature 250℃

    working temperature≥﹣40℃
    heat stabilityfrom 10℃ to 99℃ and circulates 300 times,with tropical heat to maintain in 90% above
    bend radiuswhen the temperature is 20℃,the bend radius is 25.5mm.when the temperature is ﹣30℃,the bend radius is 35mm
    insulation resistancethe length of the electricity partner tropics is 100m,ambient temperature is 70℃,the mininum resistance is 1200MΩ
    input voltageconrentional voltage 220V/230V/380V
    electric current leakage≤0.5MA



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