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Optimize and improve the standard of electric heating pipe to meet the demand of market development

The utility model relates to a daily metal tubular electric heating element, which is an electric heating element for heating various objects by an electric heating tube. Product testing standards for the implementation of the original mechanical industry JB/T4088-99 daily tubular heating elements. With the development of all kinds of household electric heating appliances and the continuous improvement of product technical requirements, most of the articles of JB/T4088 standard can not fully meet the requirements of high temperature electric heating products. To this end, for the market development needs, to optimize the standards.

Leakage current: leakage current and water pressure at operating temperature, leakage current after sealing test, not more than 0.4 Ma per kilowatt.

Electric tube electric intensity: in cold state, the component should be able to withstand AC2000V, the setting current is 0.3mA, lasts 1 minutes, no breakdown or flicker phenomenon. At the operating temperature, the component should be able to withstand AC1250V, the setting current is 2mA, lasts 1 minutes, no breakdown or flicker phenomenon. Component (liquid heating) should be able to withstand AC1800V after setting dry firing test, setting current 5mA, lasts 3 minutes, no breakdown or flashing.

Heating uniformity: the heating element should be uniform, and the surface temperature deviation should be no more than + 10%. The deviation of the length of the rod in the pipe should be less than 2mm.

Insulation resistance: the cold state must be greater than 50 ohm, and the thermal state is not less than 2 euro.

The electric heating tube rated power deviation: finished power deviation range 3% ~ 6%.

Spot welding connection insert strength test: fixed electric tube pliers around turn around 15 degrees, a total of 3 times, insert should not fall off. The 100N tension should be applied to the insert with a pull gauge or gravity, and the insert should not be separated.

Heat pipe anti scaling (anti scale heating pipe): northern area scale deposition thickness of less than 1mm/ years, the service life is greater than 5000 hours.

At present, the household humidifier market products are mainly divided into ultrasonic humidifier, direct steaming type humidifier, hot steaming type humidifier.

Ultrasonic technology is a relatively mature technology in the world, and has been widely used in various fields. Ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic high frequency oscillation, the atomized water is 1 ~ 5 micron ultrafine particles, through the pneumatic device, water mist will spread into the air, the air humid, with rich negative oxygen ions, fresh air, improve health, a winter heating hot, to create a comfortable living environment. The advantages of ultrasonic humidifier humidification humidification uniformity, high strength, high humidifying efficiency, energy saving, energy saving, power consumption is only 1/10 ~ 1/15, long service life, automatic moisture balance, anhydrous automatic protection, both medical atomization, cold bath, cleaning jewelry and other functions. The disadvantage is that there is a certain requirement for water quality.

A direct steaming humidifier is also known as a clean humidifier. Pure humidifying technology is a new technology adopted in humidifying field. Pure humidifier through molecular sieve evaporation technology, remove the calcium and magnesium ions in the water, and completely solve the "white powder" problem. The air is purified by the water curtain and the air is humidified at the same time, and the moist and clean air is sent to the interior by the pneumatic device so as to improve the humidity of the environment. At the same time, the new humidifier is not limited by water quality, and the filter evaporator is made of imported single fiber, which can filter air and kill bacteria, make the humidification more pure, and have the air circulation system. At the same time, the air is washed by the purified water, the pollution in the air is effectively eliminated, the air is purified, the indoor air circulation is promoted, and the human health is ensured to a greater degree.

Thermal evaporation type humidifier also called electric heating type humidifier, its working principle is the water in the heating body is heated to one hundred degrees, the motor will produce steam, steam is sent, so the electric heating type humidifier humidification technology is the most simple. The disadvantage is that large energy consumption, not dry burning, low safety factor, easy scaling on the heater. Market outlook is not optimistic.

Compared with the above three, the humidifier electric heater has no "white powder" phenomenon in use, the noise is low, but the power consumption is large, and the humidifier is easy to scale. Pure humidifier does not have "white powder" phenomenon, does not scale, small power, with air circulation system, can filter the air, kill bacteria. Ultrasonic humidifier humidification intensity, uniformity, low power consumption, long service life, both medical atomization, cold bath, cleaning jewelry and other functions, but there are certain requirements on water quality, use will have a slight "white" phenomenon. Therefore, ultrasonic humidifier and pure type humidifier are recommended for electric heating tube products.

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