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Problems and solutions of explosion proof heater

First, why does the explosion-proof heater system trip when it is started?

The reasons for the trip of the explosion-proof heater system are as follows:

(1) system overload, laying electric heating film power over the power switch to allow the load

(2) system leakage, such as the insulation strength of electric heating film is not enough; connection terminals and connections are not sealed tightly

(3) the leakage current is too large, the system leakage current exceeds the residual current value of the residual current of the protector.

Two, most of the domestic manufacturers do not have the explosion-proof heater heating system design and construction conditions, and there is no relevant enterprise cooperation on the right of their products to the construction technology and safety protection measures, but eager to bring products to warm the project.

A lot of people in charge of the enterprise, even the explosion-proof heater leakage current is equal to the leakage, and ridiculous claim insulation do well, no leakage current.

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