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Blackening treatment method of electric heater

During the use of electric heaters, due to the influence of air and environment, a black substance will appear on the surface of the electric heater, which needs to be treated with blackening. Black treatment is actually a process of heat treatment of metal objects such as stainless steel. After treatment, the surface will have a layer of oxide film to achieve the purpose of corrosion protection and rust prevention. After heating treatment, the surface resistance of the heater can be increased, and the hardness of the surface can be improved, and the components in the electric heater can not be affected.

The simplest way to handle the black surface of an electric heater under conventional working conditions is the following steps:

1. First clean the metal pipe surface and keep it clean;

2 and two are surface degreasing, which allows the metal tubes to be completely placed in the degreasing solution. The pH value of degreasing liquid is best about 13, and the time is not less than half an hour. After degreasing, rinse with clean water.

3, the next can be acid washing, acid bath pH value of about 3, the treatment time is not longer than 10 minutes, after pickling, clean water;

4, black treatment: pond fluid concentration, pH value of 2-4 between, treatment time 10 minutes, up and down, black, extremely clean;

5, finally drying, oiling;

This method is very effective, oh, we might as well try.

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