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Method for removing scale peculiar smell of electric heater

A good electric heater will smell bad for a long time, but don't worry, I'll teach you some ways to clean it. The electric heater is used for a period of time, there will be the production of scale, if not cleaned up, the body also has great harm, the electric heater hose is thick material, because it is so new that there will be smell, you use after a period of time, the taste will gradually reduce until no you. Soak in boiling water can be used to buy back, so that when the pungent taste will be very small. After another is used for a period of time, the electric heater odor and a thick scale, the electric heater water tank, but can use cleaning mouth very limited. If it is an enamel lined electric heater, the magnesium bar must be replaced in time. Otherwise, a large amount of scale will slow the heating of the electric heater and reduce the amount of heat produced. The magnesium bars in the enamel lining electric heater need to be replaced in 1 to two years. Magnesium bars generally cost between $40 and $150. The titanium inner capsule and the golden inner bladder are an improved enamel inner liner, which is not only good in corrosion resistance, but also of high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and stable performance. We focus on that of magnesium rods, electric heater used for a long time, it will produce scale, the main role of magnesium rod is softening water, reducing the scale of production, the electric heater for your home has been used for more than five years, magnesium rod consumption has been finished, need to replace the magnesium rod. You need to contact the electrical heater after sales department and replace it with the professional service team and clean the inner liner. General warranty card above all, there is a telephone number above. In fact, but also in the maintenance of cleaning do not bother, it is some professional after-sales help you get, very good oh.

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