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Guide for selection of materials for electric heating rods

Material is the main factor to decide the life of electric heating rod, can fast, skilled and accurate according to the customer's environment determine what material is the heating pipe as a qualified electric heating tube sales the most basic standard. Many customers have to choose heating pipe material headache, and that electric heating rod material should be how to choose?

With the innovation of science and technology, the manufacturing process of heating tube is also constantly improved. It can make all kinds of electric tubes with voltage, power, diameter, length and shape according to customer's requirements. The heating pipe is very wide, the water heating pipe, oil heating pipe, heating pipe, corrosive liquid dry heating pipe air heater, etc., and casting mica heating coil, ceramic heating ring many shapes, the electric heating rod is through the electric heating to achieve energy conversion. So today, let's see what kind of heating tube should be used in different environments.

1, ordinary water heating

Water heating, we generally use stainless steel 304 material on it, and if it is drinking water, it is generally recommended for customers to use food grade stainless steel 316 material. The special water quality in some areas of China is relatively hard, easy to scale, you can use the electric Feiyu after special treatment of waterproof coating scale electric heating tube, it can be a good solution to the problem of scale.

2 corrosive liquids

Heated with weak acids, weak bases, chemical liquids, vinegar and other corrosive liquids, should use stainless steel 316L material. The utility model can effectively reduce the corrosiveness of the liquid to the heating pipe.

3, oil heating

Electric heating tube heating edible oil or heat conduction oil, generally choose stainless steel 304 of the material. If you want to reduce the cost of heating tubes, the use of stainless steel 201 of the material is also possible, but 201 of stainless steel, stainless steel, 304 of the rust.

4. Air dry burning

Dry air combustion is very special. It has no fixed material choice. It is based on the temperature of the environment to determine what material to use the electric heating rod. In order to guarantee the service life of the heating tube, the temperature control must be carried out accordingly.

The working temperature is about 100-300 degrees, and the heating pipe material is made of stainless steel 304.

The working temperature is about 400-500 degrees. The material of stainless steel 321 can be used.

The working temperature is about 600-700 degrees, and the material of stainless steel 310S should be selected.

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