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The working principle of electric water heater

The electric heater is provided with hot water appliances cannot do without in our daily life, and the electric energy to heat the water heater is usually called the electric water heater, water heater is one of the three juxtaposed with the gas water heater, solar water heater. The following small series for everyone to introduce the principle of electric water heater. I hope you can also understand the working principle of electric water heater in the process of using.

The working principle of electric water heater

The working principle of electric water heater

Electric water heater is through the thermostat to connect and break, complete heating and non heating, the general concept of insulation, that is, a short time heating. When heating, still use the rated power of the water heater. The circuit is switched on, if the water temperature is below 50 DEG C (critical temperature of most brands set), the thermostat is automatically switched on, water heater water heater heating start, arrived at the preset temperature (most of the brand is 75 to 85 DEG C), the thermostat is disconnected, the water heater stops heating.

The so-called heat preservation, is complete by the water heater insulation layer to complete, with the water temperature from time to time drop, until less than 50 degrees centigrade, water heater again start heating. So cycle, completed the so-called heat preservation. When the heat preservation lamp is in quantity, the water heater does not consume electricity, and is close to the theoretical zero power and zero power consumption. When heating, the water heater uses the rated power. To understand the uniform power dissipation of a heater, it is possible to look at the country code. The approximate figure is that even without using a drop of hot water, the water heater can only heat the electricity at about 2 degrees /24 hours. The above is a small series for everyone to introduce the principle of electric water heater, the following are introduced in the use of the process of attention.

Precautions in the use of electric water heaters

1. the first use or maintenance, cleaning after the first use, you must first fill the water heater, and then switch on the power supply.

2., the use of water heater power line diameter, must comply with the water heater rated current value request.

3. power outlets must have a reliable grounding wire.

4., wet hands do not pull the plug, the long-term need not unplug the power plug.

5., the safety valve shall not adjust its pressure relief pressure.

6. if the drain valve of the relief valve is to be connected to the drain pipe, the discharge port must be downward and adhere to the atmosphere.

7. winter, water heater if it is not a long time, the water in the inner bag emptying the tank, to avoid freezing damage, note: be sure to turn off the power after discharge.

8., the maximum temperature of water heater up to 75 degrees Celsius, the initial use of water, water temperature should be tried, so as not to scald.

To understand the safety performance of household electric water heater, want to make to it by using note above on the working principle and electric water heater electric water heater in the introduction, I believe we have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the electric water heater will be.

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