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Common mistakes in hot runner heaters

Common mistakes in hot runner heaters

Misunderstanding one, the thinner the better: some customers in the choice of heaters, blindly request thin, and as a judge of the strength of manufacturers signs. In fact, in the absence of power and service life, the thickness of only 0.5 of the heater can do, but the process is a little more complex.

Mistake two, judge by color:

Some of the heaters in Europe and America are greyish green, and some domestic heating rings have high brightness. In fact, these are surface treatment relations, even cutting corners, less tempering process.

Mistake three: the softer the better: the soft heater surface armor metal is usually made of a special copper, and besides, all the workmanship is the same as that of other armoured heaters. This copper every time from the quantitative requirements abroad, but the soft heater market demand is not large, so the general manufacturers reluctant to produce.

Error four, the greater the power the better: electric heater, electric wire resistance is based on the power set to choose, the greater the power, the smaller the total resistance. The resistivity of an electric wire has an appropriate range,

If the resistivity is too large, a short or very long, very fine or very coarse electric wire is needed,

This makes it difficult to manufacture and use electric heaters of varying sizes and powers. An important parameter of an electric heating wire is surface power. Resistivity is too large, after entering a certain current, the surface power is also large. Therefore, the small power of the appliance, the choice of small diameter, small current, but the size of the current depends on the size of the resistance, the length and diameter of the heating wire is calculated. If the pursuit of high power, it is necessary to increase the surface area, to ensure that surface power will not exceed the standard. At the same time, in order to ensure high power, and must have a large enough current, so the surface area in certain circumstances, power is a limit! The quality of making super power electric heater is not guaranteed.

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