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Types of hot runner heaters

Hot runner heater, heating ring, spring heater, heating rod, heating tube, heating ring, heater, right angle heater, armored heater (patent for hot runner), heating wire rod, etc.......

The heating element is an important part of hot runner system, the heating system and the control precision and the service life of the injection molding process stable and significant impact, the electric heating tube pipe after pipe harden to better deformation. The electric heating tube must pass through the heat treatment to eliminate the mechanical tension of steel, can be more easily bent on electric heating tube, heating processing after forming a manual bending into the channels, there are a variety of shapes, a heating rod, heating coil, tube heater, hot runner heating tube, spiral heater (heating wire) 6*6, 8*8 square, heating pipe specifications etc.. Widely used in diversion plate heating, hot runner heating, etc.. Company product specifications, sizes can be customized.

The heating rod is made of special production process and high quality material. It is durable and ensures high efficiency in close space. It can run normally even when the temperature of heating coat reaches 700 degrees centigrade. Manufactured in metric and international standards, all models are based on VDE0721 quality requirements and meet the demand for heating elements in most machines, factories, etc.

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