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Precautions for hot runner heaters

Precautions for hot runner heaters

1. Components permit working under the following conditions:

A. air relative humidity is not greater than 95%, no explosive and corrosive gases. (except for flameproof heaters)

The operating voltage of the B. shall be no more than 1.1 times the rated value, and the case shall be effectively grounded.

C. is more than 1M. The insulation resistance dielectric strength: 2KV/1min.

2, the electric heating pipe should be fixed and fixed, the effective heating area must be completely immersed in liquid or metal solid, prohibit the empty burning. Found the body surface scaling or carbon, should be cleaned and then, to avoid affecting heat and shorten the service life.

3, heat fusible metal or solid salt, alkali, asphalt, paraffin, should reduce the use of voltage for medium after melting, can rise to the rated voltage.

4, heating air, components should be arranged evenly cross, so that the components have good heat dissipation conditions, so that the flow of air can be fully heated.

5, heating nitrate should be considered when safety measures to prevent explosion accidents.

6, the connection part should be placed on the outside of the insulation layer, avoid contact with corrosive, explosive medium, water; wiring should be able to bear long-term connection portion of the temperature and heating load, the wiring screws should avoid excessive force.

7, components should be stored in the dry place, if the insulation resistance is lower than 1M for a long time, you can dry in the oven at about 200 degrees Celsius, or reduce the voltage, heating, until the restoration of insulation resistance.

8, the outlet end of the electric heating tube of magnesium oxide, used in place to avoid contamination and water infiltration, prevent the occurrence of leakage accident

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