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Energy saving principle and technical characteristics of quartz heating tube

An overview of quartz electric heating tube and energy saving principle

The quartz heating tube is used by the opal quartz glass tube, with special processing of resistance alloy material as a heating element, the opal quartz glass can be absorbed into the electric wire from radiation almost all of the visible light and near infrared light, and can make the far infrared radiation. Therefore, opal quartz is a far infrared energy heating element with high conversion efficiency, and it has excellent far infrared radiation characteristics. After heating, the near infrared light and visible light emitted by the heating alloy wire are blocked, and 95% of them are blocked and absorbed by the milky quartz tube to raise the temperature of the tube and produce the molecular vibration of the pure silicon oxygen bond, and the radiation is far red. The visible light and the near infrared light of the 95% can be converted into far infrared radiation, and the far infrared rays with wavelengths greater than 2.5 are called far infrared rays. Far infrared heating refers to the heating technique using 2.5~25 micron radiation.

Two. Characteristics of quartz electric heating tube

Radiation rate stability, high temperature without deformation, no harmful radiation, no environmental pollution, high temperature resistance, high corrosion resistance, good chemical stability, small thermal inertia, fast thermal response, high heat transfer efficiency.

Three. Technical characteristics of quartz electric heating tube

1., far infrared coating is not needed, the spectrum radiation matching and absorption characteristics are good, the radiation performance is not degeneration for long term use, and the electric heating conversion efficiency is high. It is about 30% energy saving than the general heating element.

2. high working temperature and wide selection. Among them, the ceramic cap packaging type, the highest temperature up to 800 degrees. 3., quick heating, low thermal inertia, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good thermochemical properties, long service life, high insulation strength.

4., pollution-free, is a clean heater, in line with modern production, high rhythm, high quality requirements, applicable to health demanding household appliances.

5., the design, manufacture and installation are very convenient and economic security.

Four. Application range of quartz electric heating tube

Civil scope: applied to the heater, heater, Yuba, far infrared physiotherapy, beauty equipment, disinfection cabinet, oven, toaster, toaster, food oven, baking and all kinds of far infrared health care field.

Scope: it is applicable to almost all industrial heating industry: printing and dyeing, footwear, coating, food, electronics, medicine, textile, wood, paper, plastics, automotive, furniture, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery and so on.

Five, quartz heating tube installation, use notes

1, horizontal installation, the slope is not greater than 30 degrees.

2, use with aluminum reflector or stainless steel reflector, plane or parabolic reflector. But parabolic reflector is the best way to improve the utilization of radiation. 3, should avoid violent vibration and shake.

4. The optimum distance between the heating element and the heated object is 150 to 450 mm, depending on the specific conditions of the drying object.

5. The quartz heating element is a fragile material. It should be paid attention to when it is installed and used. The necessary protective measures should be taken according to the specific conditions of the heating object so as to avoid mechanical damage.

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