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Which is better in lead pipe and outside connection of single head heating pipe?

Usually, when consulting a single head heating tube, we will ask the customer whether the lead wire needs an inner lead or an external connection. Because the lead structure is different, the service life and cost of the heating tube are different. At this point, the customer will ask, single head heating pipe inside lead and external wiring which good? Let's talk about it today. The difference between inside and outside wiring

1, outgoing ways are different

The inner lead is the lead of the single head heating tube, which is directly drawn out from the pipe, and the outer connection is led by the terminal post from the heating pipe and then connected with the lead wire.

2, different performance

The inner lead wire can not be broken when the external pressure is folded, and the outer connection is easy to break.

3, the production process is different

The inner lead wire is generally made of imported material, and the surface load is higher than that of the external connection single head heating tube, and the manufacturing process is not the same as that of the domestic heating tube. Outside wiring is the practice of domestic heating tube generally.

4, the cost is different

The production cost of the single head heating tube with inner leads is higher than that of the external wiring. As can be seen from the above points, a single head heating tube must be better internal lead structure, but the cost is relatively high. Normal, no special use requirements, domestic electric heating tube can meet user requirements.

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