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How is the air heater selected?

The air heater comprises an electric heater and a control cabinet is composed of two parts, the heating element adopts high temperature resistance alloy wire, stainless steel tube protection sleeve, with Magnesium Oxide crystal packing, molded by compression process, the service life reached the international advanced level. The control cabinet adopts advanced digital temperature controller, integrated circuit trigger, high reverse pressure SCR and other temperature measurement, adjustment, control system, to ensure the normal operation of the air heater in the set state. Qilian electric air heater technology is the leading domestic level, has the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good drying effect, convenient installation and use, the characteristics of small amount of maintenance, suitable for power plant air conveying chute, electrostatic precipitator dust and ash storage storehouse grudge gasification, flue gas desulfurization etc..

Selection of air heaters: it is important to select the appropriate air heater for the application, which is particularly important if it is operated at high temperatures. When the characteristics of temperature, performance, and efficiency are important, the analysis of the type of insulation material helps the purchaser to select the right heater suitable for its application.

When choosing the right heater, consider the power of the heater first.

The power to choose from the following two aspects to consider, only to meet these two conditions. The heater is safe and stable.

In working condition, the heat to maintain the temperature of the medium

From the initial state, according to the provisions of the time requirements of the heating medium to set temperature (temperature)

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