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Causes and solutions of non heating of hot runner heating coil

Cause analysis of non heating of hot runner heating coil:

1, heating ring damage

2 、 no strong electricity output

3 、 contactor burn out

4 、 contactor without control power supply

5 、 circuit break

Solve the problem 1: first turn off the power, the heating ring, wire down, and use the multimeter to check whether the heating coil burned, burned immediately replaced.

To solve the problem 2: check the heating coil used by strong electricity, with Multimeter check. The general problem is that the heating switch is tripped or burned out, the trip is closed again, and then pushed up. If it breaks down, the power is switched off to solve the problem.

To solve the problem 3: control power can be checked with the contactor has no electricity, there is no real problem as the electric contactor, check the contact with and without loose, loose after turn off the electric screwdriver screw joints, five joints for contactor is broken, can be replaced. Be careful to mark each line, so that you can't remember clearly behind.

Solve the problem 4: control power without electricity, usually the computer, 10 boards, no output power. There are two problems, one is the fuse burned out, the other one is the output point burned, burned fuse fuse changed can solve the problem, if the output is broken point will use spare output or repair 10 plate to solve.

Solve the problem 5: use the multimeter, a section of a section of the inspection line, find a section of the circuit after the replacement or re - ok.

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