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Installation and operation instructions of Teflon, titanium, stainless steel and quartz heater

One, do not take the wrong power, otherwise it will cause damage to the heater or other serious accidents; two, all electric heater wiring when three-phase balance, not 220V or 380V power wrong, and must pass the leakage switch safety grounding; three, the installation of electric heater should maintain a certain distance between each other, if close to the possibility of overheating burn; four, to ensure that the tube heating part (red flag below) must be immersed in the solution, otherwise it will damage due to dry burning of electric heater. The production process should be timely to add medicine, maintain calibration level; five, in the process of heating, electric heater can not be removed from the solution, power should be a few minutes to be completely cool before the heater can be removed; six, for high concentration solution when heated, when work is stopped to be removed from the water heater bath wash in case of low temperature, solution sediment on the electric heater crystallization, agglomeration, otherwise it will lead to bad heat due to electric heater heat damage. Seven wiring diagram

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