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Analysis of the reasons for using induction bearing heaters

Induction heating is a kind of advanced, fast, controllable heating method, compared with the traditional heating stove heating, oil bath heating, heating torch for easy to produce smoke, oil waste and harmful to human health, has the advantages of inductive heating safety and environmental protection.

Suitable for bearings and other parts

The induction heater is versatile and can be used for the heating of annular workpieces such as bearings, gears, mechanical bushings, and connecting parts. It is well known that the correct installation can prolong the bearing life. Controlled induction heating prevents unwanted damage and can maintain original pre lubrication, which is ideal for installation with sealed bearings.

Heating, safe and controllable

The bearing heater, gear heater, induction puller and gear ring heater are all produced by the principle of inductive heating.

In the heating process, CNC parts can provide optimal control, automatic selection of power supply effectively, to ensure uniform heating, fast, does not require additional steps, not in the heating process of the explosion, no fading or material surface depression. CNC components offer a three year warranty.

Reliable quality

The induction heater is proven to be reliable, and electronic components can be used continuously because of the excellent cooling flakes. Rugged and easy to use design to make heaters safer and suitable for continuous operation in industrial environments.

Advantages of induction heaters

1 、 strong design suitable for working in industrial environment;

2, microelectronic control components can prevent overheating and explosion;

3 unique and easy to use rotating arm;

4, electronic components with a three year shelf life;

5, free maintenance;

6, suitable for continuous work;

7. Automatic demagnetization;

8 、 automatic power regulation;

9, a wide range of products;

10, to meet the requirements of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).

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