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The origin of electric heaters

Electrical heating is the process of converting electric energy into heat energy. Ever since the discovery of the power supply that leads to thermal effects through wires, many inventors in the world have been engaged in the research and manufacture of various electric heating appliances. The development and popularization of electric heating and other industries, generally follow a rule like this: from the electric heater of the advanced countries gradually extended to the world; from the city to rural development gradually; then by use of collective develop gradually to the family, and then to the individual products is generally made; low to high-end development.

Nineteenth Century is still in the embryonic stage of the electric appliances are fake, the earliest is used for electric appliances of life, the first prototype in 1893 provide iron in the United States and began to use, then in 1909 it appeared, that is the electric heater on the stove, i.e. heating is from transfer to electric firewood. But the rapid development of the general electric heating appliance industry, however, came after the invention of nickel chromium alloy used as an electric heating element. In 1910, the United States first developed an electric iron made of nickel chromium alloy heating wires, which fundamentally improved the structure of electric irons and quickly popularized them by using iron. By 1925, products of electric heating elements had appeared in Japan and became the prototype of modern electric rice cookers. At this stage, the industry has also emerged laboratory electric furnace, melting furnace, heater and other electric products. From 1910 to 1925, it was a great developing stage in the history of electric heating appliance. In the field of household and industry, the appearance and popularization of various kinds of electric heating appliances have been developed rapidly, especially in the family. Therefore, the invention of nickel chromium alloy has laid the foundation for the development of electrothermal appliance industry.

After 20s, there wasn't much time in the new application development, but in this stage, all kinds of electric heating appliances were reset and improved continuously. It has become an improvement stage in the history of electric heating appliances. In the field of household electric heating appliances, all kinds of appliances are designed to be more beautiful, durable and strong, and most of them have automatic temperature and time control.

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