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Tips for electric heaters: matters needing attention during use

Electric oven, electric heater, electric furnace such as electric heater products will bring great convenience to our life and work, but due to the use of the electric heater power is large, in the process of using some operators, because of improper use of certain aspects, also caused a lot of fire.

According to years of industry research, the technical staff of China electric heater network summed up several aspects, such as the following electric heater, which can cause fire easily:

1. Under prolonged baking at high temperatures, flammable material or nearby lighter can be ignited on an electric heater;

2, do not plug the plug wires into the socket, this will lead to short circuit;

3, such as electric heater wire aging, damage, should be replaced immediately;

4, when the operator leaves the work site for a long time, when the plug of the electric heater is not pulled out, the fire is caused by the constant rise of the temperature;

5, when the power failure, should immediately unplug the plug, in order to avoid forgetting afterwards cause unnecessary fire;

6, the use of repeated repair after the resistance wire, will cause excessive load line fire.

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