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How many wiring methods of emergency electric heating pipe?

The customers who use the electric heating pipe will surely encounter the wiring problem of the heating pipe. Then what are the wiring methods of the electric heating pipe? The heating of the electric heating tube is mainly caused by the heating of the internal electric heating wire through the current, and the wiring mode determines the current and voltage status of the current, so the wiring mode of the electric heating pipe is very important. The influence of the wiring mode on the electric heating tube can be understood by means of "the influence of the connection mode of the electric heating pipe".

Under the reasonable use condition, the greater the voltage and the power, the higher the heating efficiency. The heating pipe connection mode determines the external voltage and current through the resistance wire way, so the choice of wiring mode of the electric heating pipe has very important practical significance. Then, how can we choose the wiring mode of the electric heating pipe? Here's a brief introduction to the problem:

The wiring mode of the electric heating pipe is commonly used on the heating tube, there are two kinds: the triangle connection method and the star connection method (also known as the "Y" connection method)

1. triangle connection:

Triangle connection method: the first end of each component of the electric heating pipe is connected with the tail end of the other component, and the three contact points are respectively connected with three phase lines;

Triangle connection method characteristic: three electric heating pipe element rated voltage is 380 volts; if three components resistance value is different, also does not affect this kind of connection feasibility. The delta connection is three times the power and current of the star connection.

2. star connection:

Star connection: the heating elements of three electric heating pipes are connected together at the first end of each element (this point is called neutral point), and the three ends are connected with three phase lines respectively.

The three component rated voltage is 220 volts; if the resistance value of the three components is different, the neutral point should be connected to zero line.

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