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The main use of explosion proof electric heater

Explosion proof electric heater is a kind of high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and safety explosion-proof industrial electric heating furnace which is developed on the basis of advanced electric heater technology level in foreign countries. The electric heating furnace is a kind of electric energy as the power supply, so its internal high temperature voltage system into the heat of the work mode.

In general, the explosion-proof electric heating furnace with heat conducting oil as heat carrier, high temperature internal voltage system through the circulating pump after the forced heat oil processing power, the internal high temperature heat transfer voltage to one or more electric heating equipment. When the transition function of electric heating equipment of high temperature in the system voltage, thermal oil start heating efficiency, namely again through the circulating pump, electric heating furnace two to absorb heat transmitted to the internal high temperature voltage system of electric heating furnace, after this cycle of work, the electric heating furnace heat through the uninterrupted transfer. The internal high temperature voltage system of electric heating furnace can obtain high temperature energy. So as to meet the heating medium heating requirements in the process of high temperature.

Explosion-proof electric heater to mechanical electrical heating industry characteristics are the following aspects:

1. It can realize the uninterrupted transmission of internal high temperature voltage system. To ensure the high temperature voltage system of electric heating equipment, the electric energy can be used to obtain higher temperature energy. To meet the high temperature heating requirements of medium at work, make its function play the maximum.

2. The equipment has the advantages of precise structure, light volume, light weight and convenient installation process. When heating, the environment does not produce wounding pollution, and it can obtain quite high heating temperature and efficiency under relatively low working pressure.

3, intelligent standard high. The relevant technical personnel Chinese electric heater network on its use of advanced intelligent heating mode, namely through the high temperature medium voltage of gas electric heater inside the set temperature the original work, in the experiment, the temperature control precision can reach + 2 DEG C to + 0.2 C.

The internal pressure system 4, the equipment can provide heater running, high temperature, failure, outage and other alarm signal to the DCS system, can also accept DCS issued by the automatic operation and shutdown of the slogan, also added to the safety monitoring device of electric heater electric heater system, but this reference price is relatively high.

5, the electrical equipment has a number of associated interfaces, at any time to heat pump, heat conduction oil temperature, flow, internal high temperature voltage of the effective monitoring of pressure. So as to realize the ideal reform of explosion proof electric heater, which is more energy saving, more environmental friendly and more efficient.

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