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How to solve the impact of vibration on the air heater?

The air heater is a very important heating device, but the vibration will cause severe wear and tear to the air heater tubes and baffles, and will affect the use of the air heater. Air heater using water as heat transfer medium, vibration can pass through liquid, and the transmission of vibration in liquid is difficult for us to expect, but the transfer in the liquid shock damage to the air heater is very obvious.

Vibrations that pass through the liquid include two types, one is longitudinal vibration parallel to the flow direction, and the other is horizontal vibration perpendicular to the direction of the flow, in which the transverse vibration is very damaging to the air heater.

We can change the impact of vibration on the air heater by the following methods:

1, to reduce the flow speed can be achieved by increasing the core distance.

2, increase the wall thickness, which is also a measure to improve the vibration of the air heater. This method is basically to change the natural frequency of the air heater duct, so as to reduce vibration induced resonance. We can also change the diameter of the pipe and so on.

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