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The working principle of thermostat

Maybe the thermostat like your car with the water inlet pipe and water outlet pipe may be different, the picture is different, your car Never mind.

The principle is the same

This is the thermostat








After the engine starts, when the water temperature reaches a certain temperature, the rubber valve opens, and the cooling water changes from small cycle to large cycle

The red represents the direction of the rubber valve opening

The blue arrow is the spring after the valve, the direction of extension. When the water temperature does not reach a large degree of circulation, the valve is the big spring of the strong elasticity of the top. So the valve is closed

Green ripples represent cooling water


This is the state of immersion in boiling water, simulating the cooling water temperature of the engine. You can see the rubber valve opens a gap


This is the import and export control part of the engine size cycle, that is, the thermostat is located

This is just a flat picture on the floor. It's just the same place as the engine outlet. The right pipe is a hot water pipe that provides warm air into the cab

The big circle in the picture is the place where the thermostat is placed


As shown below, the thermostat is placed in this way


The diagram below is the diagram of the cooling water of the engine

From the engine out of the water in the water jacket, the first after the above export, in part through the small pipe into the cab to provide warm air heat. The other part is through the above, the arrival of large circulating water outlet, radiator circulating water outlet water passing through the front of the front, and then through the return pipe to the thermostat.

Working principle:

When the vehicle starts, the cooling water has not reached the temperature of the thermostat. The large circulation water inlet cannot be opened because the thermostat valve is not opened


The green line represents the water temperature that has not reached the thermostat's opening temperature. Red represents the large cycle after the opening

The direction of the green line is: the engine jacket water, through the above holes flow into the air conditioning water pipe, and then cycle, and then back to the small cycle of water intake into the engine water jacket, so as to carry out the small cycle in the engine

Red line direction: the engine jacket water, through the upper hole flow into the big loop, and then through the radiator before the car, arrived at the thermostat valve, because at this time, because of high temperature, the valve opens, the large circulation waterway is unobstructed


The structure of the car represents the structure of most cars. The thermostat is opened inward (the intensity of the valve opening, the dynamics of the spring top). At low temperature, the valve is closed under the strong pressure of the spring of the thermostat, and the valve is closed

So, once the thermostat fails, the valve will be held tightly by the spring force and will always be closed

It will appear, not the cooling water cycle, the water temperature is too high, and boil.

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