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The reason and how to deal with the electric heater cannot be heated

1. cannot be heated (the heat of the electric heater is fired or the wiring box is broken).

2. rupture or fracture of the electric heating tube (the condition of the heat pipe crack, the corrosion and rupture of the electric heating tube, etc.)

3. leakage (mainly automatic circuit breaker or leakage protection switch tripping, electric heating tube can not be heated), usually this situation occupies more than 90% of the electrical heater failure.

Treatment methods:

1., if the heater can not be heated, and the internal disconnection of the electric heating tube can't be repaired, it can only be replaced; if the line or joint is open or loose, it can be reconnected.

2. if the electric heating tube is broken or broken, then only the electric heating tube is replaced.

3. if the leakage is to confirm the leakage point, but also to consider the situation. If it is the electric heating tube itself, it can be roasted in the oven. If the insulation resistance doesn't go up, it may also need to replace the electric heating tube. If the junction box is flooded, it needs to be dried with hot air gun. If the conductor is broken, it can be wrapped or replaced with a tape.

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