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How to avoid a fire in an electric heater

Electric heater is a kind of equipment used in work and life, such as electric furnace, electric iron, electric iron, electric heater, electric oven and so on. The resistance wire of the electric heater is made of nickel and chromium alloy, and the temperature is above 800 degrees centigrade. Because the power of the electric heater is very large, if we do not pay attention to it, there may be a fire at any time.

The electric heater fire for four main reasons: the electric heater placed in combustible or flammable materials in near the fire caused by the high temperature baking a long time; the electric heater is not installed directly to the plug wire head is inserted in the socket, thus easy to cause a short circuit and fire; users leave the plug of the electric heater, the time is too long, cause electric heater overheating, the adjoining fuel ignites and cause fire; continue to use the resistance wire repeatedly repaired, can cause line overload and fires.

Therefore, when used, flammable and explosive materials should not be placed near the electric heater, and a certain safety distance must be maintained. The electric heater must be placed on the base of the nonthermal noncombustible material. The safe interception flow of the electric heater wire must meet the capacity requirement of the electric heater, and the industrial electric heater shall have a separate circuit under any circumstances. The wire must install the plug, can not be directly inserted into the socket head; the electric heater wire breakage should be promptly replaced, no electric heater fuse is not installed in the circuit; electric heater must be used with care, leave should be unplugged, when in use, power, should also be timely to pull the plug don't forget. For multiple repair wires, it is best not to use the wire and the new resistance wire should be replaced. The flammable and explosive materials are strictly prohibited by electric heaters; the electric oven should have a temperature control device, which should not only prevent the high temperature, but also prevent the long baking time.

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