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Development history

Yandang Mountain, three people walk along, one person said: "life goal is to do China's most powerful heater manufacturers.". The other two said, "why not name" HEATLE "," heater lead "and" Chinese meaning heater "?. I agree with. Since then, the electric power was born in China, that year for 1993.

From the beginning of the birth of the sea, has been developed mineral insulated heater

In 1993, the tube heater was made, which was dedicated to heating the human household electrical appliances.

In 1997, because of straying into the mould heating industry, the research and production of the single head heating tube started

In 2002, a series of patents for die tubes were obtained and entered into the hot runner industry.

In 2005, it began to develop temperature control products because of the need to support the heater

In 2007, mineral insulated cables were developed to enter the special cable industry. At that time, our company was China's earliest enterprise engaged in mineral insulated cables research and development.

In 2009, the company absorbed Wenzhou Long Sheng Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and then entered the quartz heating tube industry.

In early 2012, after negotiations, and the sea lion electric heating Group Co., Ltd. merger, since then, the sea began to expand the global profit program.

Up to now, there have been business contacts with more than 200 countries, and 6 countries have branches and offices directly

From 2003 to 2007, the company was rated as "star enterprise" by the Municipal People's government, and unanimously passed the ISO90001:2000 quality management system in 2005.

Since its establishment, the company has been rated as the 3.15 product quality, service quality, no complaints, customer satisfaction brand by the national commodity supervision center, and is regarded as one of the most promising enterprises by the city.

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