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Chairman's speech

Thank you for your attention and trust, concern and support. Haideli electric in the electrical industry will trust, adhere to innovation, to overcome technical difficulties, to achieve industrial country brilliant new era. In this process, we do not have the slightest slack, and always with gratitude and professional spirit interpretation of the general secretary told us.

We set up the "unity, dedication, pioneering, progressive" spirit of enterprise, the technology and equipment of world standard, drawing lessons from the advanced management experience, technology, scale, management gradually among the forefront of Chinese electrical industry, and strive for the people's health and happiness, from scratch, from its start to to enhance our products and services, and social construction of people-oriented harmonious enterprise. We will continue to internationalize to provide international quality electrical equipment and services for our pride and value orientation.

We are willing to join hands with all our friends and forge ahead together to create a better future!

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