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China Heatle electric co., Ltd is located in known as the “reputation of the three provinces thorough fare,Guangde County, Anhui Province Economic Development Zone,co-Hangzhou Expressway, declared HangzhouRailway,318 National Highway and Provincial Highway 3 to wear on the boundary, and convenient transportation.China Heatle electric co., Ltd is founded in 2011,it is a jointly venture company byAmerican Heatle electricco., Ltd, Hong Kong Haishi Electric Co., Ltd, Wenzhou JiushengElectric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The registered capital of 10 million RMB, 80 million RMB of investment, it is a joint-stock enterprises and an integrationof scientific research,development, production and sale.

The company specializes in the production of electric series, electric cable, MI heating cables, the ground heating electric, temperature measurement, flexible heatertube, plastic film capacitor and so on. The products are widely used in various fields ofpetroleum, chemical, steel, machinery, electric, instrumentation, aerospace,automobiles, trains, rubber, plastics, medical, communications, food, home appliancesand others,and these have been exported to over 30 countries and regions in the world Company owns the international
advanced productionline and testing equipment, instrict accordance with national and international standards organization production,from raw material purchase to finished products,we have full of quality and technicalsupervision control library.Establish the developing policy of customer demand as theCenter, to production management based on the continuous improvement of qualitymanagement system, provides customer satisfaction product. And we are willing to provide our customers with advanced technology, excellent products, honest andconvenient delivery service.To create a family of famous name brand as our mission,tenacious struggle, fight day and night, to make every effort to make all kinds ofproducts, together with General domestic and foreign customers to create a bettertomorrow!

Company commitment: subject to the basis of best quality, we adhere to customerfirst, quality first, credit first,reasonable price.Company tenet: face the nation, to the world.

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